Boiler Manufactures In Brazil

Boiler Manufactures In Brazil

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Boilers and CUSTOM PARTS

- Construction equipment under design
- Mezzanines
- Platforms
- Body Guard
- Shopping turner Up to 120 TON.
- Calandra
- Desbobinadeira Plate
- Electromechanical Monkeys
- Coil Tombadores
- Magazines
- Plate Spacers
- Base metal - Silos
- Storage Tanks
- Filter housing
- High Pressure Pipe
- Treadmills: roller / belt
- Fans
- Furnaces
- Chippers
- Hood and Duct
- Fireplace
- Portico Metal
- Framework for crane
- piperack
- Stairs


Painting wallpaper in iron oxide epoxy primer or customer specification given standard Petrobras.

Blasting to near white metal with micro sphere of iron or glass standard SA 2.1 / "


Guillotine cut in ¼ "x 3.000mm
Oxyfuel, Plasma and Photocell
Fold ½ "x 2.500mm
Calandra 1/2 "x 2.500 mm


All equipment and parts manufactured by JPX. Specifications are welded by welding procedure qualification and registration with the welding procedure with all welders abilitados properly by qualified level 2 according to ASME VIII and registration with the SNQC PETROBRÁS

welding process

(SAW) - Submerged Arc
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